Do you have a toddler with seemingly boundless energy as well as a healthy curiosity which could create a lot of mess around the house? Your kid has a lot of fun at home, but it is essential to ensure that some of the activities your child engages in be educational as well.

Combining learning and fun can be exhilarating; your toddler becomes occupied and enjoys every minute of it while you are free to do other things.

To enhance educational and fun learning, you may need to do more than check your toy box, cabinet or even recycle bin for some supposedly new toys. You have to get some toys like Greta Gris/Peppa Pig toys from the renowned Peppa Pig brand kid toys.

You need to be careful when it comes to the toys you buy for your toddler. This is because they are at the hard age where all they do from time to time is to stuff their mouths with bits and pieces around the house. This is also the hard age where they don’t have long attention spans for most activities or understand direction. This is why some parents find it difficult to come up with activities for preschoolers or toddlers.

Additionally, you may also find it a bit challenging to encourage your toddler to explore the right things and ignore or minimize the incidences of getting into many wrong ones. This is why it is crucial to try these activities with your preschooler so that they can be engaged developmentally or psychologically appropriate learning activities at home.

Most of the activities that will be highlighted in the next few paragraphs can be done by both younger and older toddlers together. But it’s all about knowing the abilities of your child. Many children show different abilities and strengths during this period in their lives. This is why the following fifteen educational activities would not only be educational but fun as well:

1. Color Matching Game – The first thing you should do before allowing your toddler to play this game independently is to introduce the game to them so that they don’t end up stuffing pom poms in their mouths. Color Matching Game involves the use of colorful pom poms and matching the ones with the same colors together.

2. Shape Sorter – Another activity that is guaranteed to keep your toddler occupied for a long time is Shape Sorter. It involves the use of soft shapes and any container, preferably an oatmeal container.


3. Playdough – This is one of the activities that toddlers enjoy. Playdough brings out the creative skills in your toddler as well as builds strength in their little hands for excellent motor skills. To contain the mess that is sure to occur, you should put playdough on a cutting board or tray.

4. Chunky puzzles – You can get some puzzles for your toddler to complete quickly. Chunky puzzles like Melissa and Doug Puzzles, etc. are the easiest or toddlers to engage in on their own.

5. Race cars on Tape – You will need a lot of floor space for this activity. It involves creating a race track by making use of masking tape on the floor. Then allow your toddler to play on his own quietly with cars on the racetrack.

6. Magnets on Refrigerator – This is a simple activity that you can use to get your little one to recognize alphabets and play around with them. You can have your toddler to stick alphabets or pom poms with magnets on the fridge.

7. Bubble Wrap – This can be fun and quick activity for your little one to engage in, but noisy as well. Let your toddler pop bubble wraps, but you should also keep a close eye on your baby’s activity as bubble wraps can be a choking hazard.

8. Build a Tower – This involves building a tower using blocks or cubes, and knocking them down – if they like. You can get your hands on unifix cubes or something that looks like it – such as Discovery Toys Pegboard for building towers.

9.  Coloring – Coloring is an exciting but simple activity for your toddler to engage in. Get your baby to color away using different markers. If you like, you can also get some window markers for your child to use for coloring your windows. You may end up cleaning off the mess later on, but it will be worth it.

10.  Indoor Scavenger Hunt – This is another activity that will take up some of your time. Toddlers are always thrilled when they have to find little treasures in drawers, under beds or between the cushions on the couch. You can hide some stuff in any of these areas and ask your toddler to embark on a treasure hunt. Of course, you may have to simplify the hunt for toddlers by supplying clues such as “It’s hidden somewhere around where you eat or play,” etc.

11. Toys – You can buy some toys that will always amuse your toddler for long stretches of time. Toys like Peppa pig or greta gris (from the Peppa Pig Brand Kid Toys), etc. will be helpful to purchase. To keep things in order, you should tape off a small section of the floor for your child to sit in and another smaller section for the bucket or container with the toys. Any time your child wishes to play with the toys, you can get them to stay in this section. You may have to train your baby for a while before they get used to it.

12.  Finger Painting with Pudding – Toddlers love this classic indoor activity. As you may be aware, toddlers love to paint and also enjoy sensory activities. When you replace finger painting with pudding, it allows your toddler to get creative without harming themselves with any toxic substance. You can mix up the colors by adding food coloring, vanilla pudding, etc.

13.  Watercolor Painting – Once your toddler gets the hang of using watercolors, it can be engrossing and become an independent but low mess creative activity for your little one.

14.  Obstacle Course – If your toddler is always bubbling with energy, creating an obstacle course will be right up little one’s alley. You can create an obstacle course using a variety of solid objects like large boxes, couches, chairs, etc. and get your baby to navigate them. The objects used in the obstacle course should not be easy to move out of the way or get run over. Of course, you can add some variety to this activity by adding a few objects – like pillows, etc. – that your kid can climb over.

15.  Cotton Balls – You can allow your baby to play with cotton balls by sorting them in an ice cube tray or any other container. This is a quiet activity that can engross your toddler and the messy part? They get to tear those cotton balls apart just for the fun of it.


I hope those top-15 activities will help you to fill the day with joy and happiness. My recommendation: select 3 activities per day and plan 15-25 minutes for each. If you kid like the game – don’t stop it. Give as much time to kid as it wants. LEGO building blocks and wooden building blocks are often the most favorite and occupy kid up to several hours.

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