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Wooden Tower Type 3


Wooden Tower Type 3 LD-3

Wooden tower is a brilliant and wonderful toy for toddlers, bright and interesting in colors and shapes. Asymmetric details and complex cutouts will help your child develop best motor skills, logic and spatial thinking. In the process of playing the child will learn how to combine different shapes of different sizes.

The Wooden Tower contains 8 pieces that used for constructing a colourful tower. The blocks have to be arranged to prevent fall apart. There are many ways how the tower can be structured, design of the toy allowing many variations, so kid will find it interesting to play even after several days.

All parts of this tower are made from wood and are painted with a non-toxic water-based paint for your and child’s safety. This toy is designed for developing creative thinking, imagination, fine motor skills, ability to recognize and match shapes and colours.

A bright pyramid will help the child learn shapes and colors. Its super easy to point on block and name the color. Kid will learn colors quicker as you think, often it takes just several days.

Wooden constructor is very durable, does not break and its easy to clean. The product is EU certified for children from 12 months. Toy is delivered in a beautiful paper box of modern design.

Wooden toy is from the Ukrainian manufacturer "Cubika".

Toy made from very high quality tree species, such as: sycamore and beech.


  • Made from safe and eco-friendly materials.
  • Helps to develop child’s imagination, creative thinking, fine motor skills, learn about shapes and colours.
  • Water-based safe paint, very durable, does not break, if necessary it is easy to clean
  • Suitable for children aged over 12 months.
  • Weight 0.660 kg
  • Dimensions 27 x 7.2 x 7 cm
  • Maid in Ukraine
  • EU Certified product
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