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Wooden Train - BASIC


Wooden Train - BASIC LP-4

Wooden Train especially designed for supporting toddlers skills development, like: imagination, creative thinking, fine motor skills, colors and shapes, spatial thinking, problems solving; Design is based on requirements of Montessori education system: specially selected materials, colors, shapes. Highly durable toy, easy to clean and maintain.

This is BASIC version that introduce idea of human transportation on trains for a child. It perfectly suit education purposes, contains small amount of elements, takes little space and at the same time advance enough for long play. Recommended as a first train for a child. Designed for PUSH actions, when child keep toy in a hand and PUSH it in needed direction on a floor or any plain surface.

The Train is a unique 18 piece construction kit that builds 2 carts for a train. The front part of the toy will be locomotive and the other three will make train vehicles of different types. Locomotive and all three coaches can be easily put together and separated. The train can have multiple variations built allowing for a longer playtime.


  • 1 train + 2 wagons set. 18 parts
  • wooden couplers link the wagons together
  • Solid wood construction, made from safe and eco-friendly materials.
  • Helps to develop child’s imagination, creative thinking, fine motor skills, learn about shapes and colors. Helps improve cognition, spatial thinking, enhance problem solving and develop fine motor skills.
  • Montessori Educational Toy
  • Water-based safe paint, very durable, does not break, if necessary it is easy to clean
  • Each color block and rod are removable and stackable. Wheels are fully functional
  • Ages: 18m+
  • Weight: 1.350kg
  • Dimensions: 42.5 x 15.5 x 10 cm
  • EU Certified product, the world recognized European Standard EN71 safety requirements for toys
  • Maid in Ukraine
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